Defect elimination

  • Identify type of defect
  • Defect co-relation to product design / tool design / production process with WHY-WHY analysis
  • Solutions to eliminate the defect phenomena
  • Implementation, analyse and monitor results

Specific problem solving in design and process

  • Limitation of product design / tool design to run the die and achieve the required quality norms e,g, porosity levels, partial squeeze, vacuum, multiple complex core design
  • Limitation of production process e.g. die thermal balancing to achieve the required quality norms

Productivity enhancement

  • Production cycle time optimisation
  • Process optimisation-> thermal balancing, optimum process, DOE on process parameters for enhanced product quality
  • Yield Improvement
  • Optimise / automate post production processes e.g. Fettling, trimming
  • Global benchmarking on best practices

VA-VE for Material change, Process change, Weight reduction

  • Change of material from Plastic / Cast Iron / Fabrication to Aluminium
  • Change of production process from GDC/LPDC to HPDC
  • Part weight reduction to enhance suitability to production process and achieve required product quality